Aquaponics is a farming method that combines aquaculture (farming fish) with hydroponics. In hydroponic growing systems plants grow in a soil-less media such as gravel, sand, rock wool, sawdust, or coconut coir fiber. Water fortified with nutrients circulates through the growing medium to provide fertilizer and hydration for the plants. In an aquaponics system fish co-exist with plants and the waste generated by the fish nourishes the plants. Beneficial bacteria in the water and composting worms in the grow beds convert the fish wastes into nutrients and minerals needed by the plants. The process creates clean, oxygen rich water in which the fish can thrive.

Many fish farms feed their fish processed feeds that are made from genetically modified corn. Some even raise genetically modified fish. There are tilapia farmers in China who feed their fish hog and cow manure. At some point in the farming process there must be inputs of nutrients and energy. At Pyramid Pure Foods we are committed to producing our fish and crops in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way.

Do wild fish eat corn and manure? No, they eat bugs and worms and so do the fish at Pyramid Pure Foods! We raise black soldier flies (BSFs) and red wriggler composting worms that we use for fish feed. Our flies and worms process leftover food and kitchen prep material from local restaurants. Black soldier fly larvae process food scraps quickly and without odor. They drive away household flies and they do not spread disease because mature flies do not eat. BSF pupae are high in fats and protein, providing an excellent source of feed for our fish.

Our unique farming method enables us to create an ecosystem in which we can control the conditions under which our crops and fish are produced. We strive to produce food that is free of genetically modified organisms, genetically engineered crops, genetically engineered fish, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.